About Carbon Real Estate Investments



About Carbon Real Estate Investments


Carbon® is a real estate private equity firm with a specialization in value-add multifamily

Our Principals and team have a combined 60 years+ of investment experience and currently own over 1450 current doors.

We have a long-term hold strategy and are cash flow investors. We strive to understand each of our investors' priorities and make sure they're aligned with our values and investment thesis. We focus on making decisions based on the compounding results of buying and holding great assets for long durations.

We communicate. We are passionate in how we serve our investors and partners with information and access. We are always here for you.

We provide homes. We give back through back-to-school programs, family-friendly renovations and environments, holiday and resident events, and other programs that enhance the lives of our residents and surrounding communities.

Our general strategy is quite simple. First, we identify and evaluate high potential but low performing assets in good neighborhoods and markets where families want to live. Then we acquire and improve the assets, with a focus on improving local communities and providing family-friendly homes. This improves the cash flow of the property due to higher rents which thus improves the value of the property. We then recapitalize the project and return capital to investors through a refinance. Our investors maintain their original position in the deal (no dilution) and continue to earn cash flow for years to come. They're free to reinvest their original capital in our deals or other opportunities.

We consider your investment a vote of confidence and a declaration of trust which we do not take for granted. We take you along at every step of the investment journey, working overtime to earn, build and keep your trust. Our robust and proven strategy and management plan provides downside protection and preservation of capital while maximizing returns.