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Carbon Real Estate Investments helps its investors achieve their income and wealth creation goals by providing access to private, value-add multifamily real estate investments.

With a combined 3 decades of investment experience and over 1,600 portfolio doors, the principals at Carbon have built a solid track record of wealth creation through a winning strategy.


You shouldn't have to sacrifice security for good investment returns


Our 3-step investment strategy for creating cash flow and wealth on a tax-advantaged basis.


We acquire multifamily assets that fit our strict eligibility criteria and target investment properties in good neighborhood in growng maets. In the first year, we do a cost-seg study to enable accelerated depreciation for our investors to save on their taxes.

Add Value.

We force equity and cash flow through interior and exterior renovations which improve the property and allow us to achieve higher rents and grow revenue. This means we don't rely on market forces for the majority of our returns and we build significant downside protection.

Return Capital & Cash Flow.

We refinance based on the new valuation and return equity to investors on a tax-deferred basis in 18 – 48 months while continuing to provide cashflow that grows for years to come. We try to maximize the time we hold a deal both for the tax-benefits for our investors, but also because this is the lowest risk period of any investment.


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Our Case Studies

Past behavior is often the best indicator of future behavior. So we’ll let our past real estate investment successes tell the story of how our battle-tested system can get your money to work smarter, with market-busting yield and passive returns.

We made magic in Palm Beach County

Demand for real estate in Palm Beach County, Florida has been at such an all-time high that the Financial Times declared the area ‘sold out’ in October 2021 after a record-breaking year. And there’s a good reason why. Incredible weather, pro-business policies and an autonomous vaccination mandate have driven a significant uptick in migration from business districts like New York to the Sunshine State, boosting the region’s real estate investment potential.
There has been no better time to invest in a slice of the lucrative real estate pie in the region, as average sale and rental prices have consistently doubled year on year, and demand for properties have continued to outstrip available listings. Read More

Restoration of a historic building in downtown Macon

The Lamar is a 1920’s historic building in downtown Macon, GA that was gutted, renovated from top to bottom and turned into luxury lofts. Since acquiring the asset in 2021, we have extensively added value to the property and created a close-knit family of residents. We have restored and preserved major portions of the building, and have infused elements of luxury by incorporating top-rate modern facilities. There has been no better time to invest in a slice of the lucrative real estate pie in the region, as average sale and rental prices have consistently doubled year on year, and demand for properties have continued to outstrip available listings. Read More

Fast-tracking to profitability in Lauren’s County, GA

Claxton and Pecan Ridge are two Class B-/C+ multifamily townhome-style properties a half-mile apart in Lauren’s County, Georgia. The properties are townhome-style, with great structural integrity – an excellent blank canvas for a value-add transformation strategy to upgrade them to B+ assets with the right potential to meet the aggressive demand in the area. This aggressive demand is proven by the properties’ 100% occupation rates, with a 2-3 month waiting list – thanks in part to the thriving local economy. Read More


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“I've been a real estate investor for 10+ years. I've invested in 2 of Carbon's offerings with a 3rd pending. I'm very happy with the results. These offerings have given me access to markets I wouldn't otherwise have access to. It's also allowed me to leverage the expertise of Carbon, which is significant. They're very transparent, they're very focused on process, and I'm happy with the results.”

Charley G
Passive and Active Real Estate Investor

"My family office has been investing with Michael (Carbon's Cofounding Principal) for 6 years. Michael brings a principled approach to investing and thoroughly understands the asset class. If you are looking to capitalize on the benefits of real estate (tax shield, cash flow, capital gains), overseen by a skilled Sponsor, then I highly recommend investing with Carbon."

Scott S
Family Office Investor since 2016

“I've been investing with Carbon for the past few years and all I can say is amazing things about Cody and his team. They're so professional, communication is amazing, and professional is as planned. I can not recommend these guys more."

Litan Y
Passive Investor with over 50+ LP investments



1. Take the Long View - We want to be making decisions for 10-15 years down the road. When faced with a decision, do the thing that's the best for the firm, investors, and residents in the long run. This is likely the most difficult thing in the short run.

2. Respect - Use th Golden Rule for Investors and Residents

3. Never Settle, Practice Kaizen - the Japanese word for continuous improvement. 1% better every day for a year is 37x return.

4. Work Hard, Play Hard

5. High Integrity - Do what you say you're going to do.

6. Be Diligent - Be purposeful, thoughtful, and diligent

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